When shiny Olympic rings and anthem semantics fail it’s time to look closer to home for distractions

We shouldn’t really be surprised with the fresh round Conservative diversionary shenanigans, but Helena Guergis’ behaviour redefines the meaning of the word diversion. Yes, another fiasco is brewing and we have minister of state for the status of women Helena Guergis to thank for it. Her immature and despicable temper tantrum at a PEI airport […]

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Leave Louis ALONE… where’s Chris Crocker when you need him?

The Conservative MP for Edmonton East, Peter Goldring has raised the ire of colleagues, constituents and foes alike with his rambling tirade about Louis Riel. The four-page newsletter, which Goldring used his government mailing privileges to send, vehemently attacks what he calls “Revisionist time travel,” that has dishonored the memory of Canadian soldiers and elevated […]

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For your information…

My name is Liam Alexander Berg Larsen, I am 29 years old, I attend Loyalist College and this is my Journalism weblog.

As part of my journalism: online, print and broadcast course I will be posting entries here regularly. In these posts I will synopsize and vivisect news stories to the best of my abilities in order to further my understanding of journalism. Feel free to offer any opinions you may have; I welcome constructive feedback on my writing.